King Jesus Ministry is located at:

14100 SW 144 Ave.
Miami, FL 33186 (see map | get directions)


Miami is a city strategically located; it is the geographical point where many world cultures come together. People from different nations, languages, race, and cultures live in the city—making them the contact point for the rest of the world. Miami is the bridge that connects nations and generations. We know God’s actions are not coincidental; therefore, we are certain that He took Guillermo from Central America and Ana from South America and rooted them together in the United States, specifically in Miami, in order to expand His Word to the nations of the world.


As we look back, it is easy to recognize our Lord’s greatness and mercy when He chose and equipped Apostle Guillermo Maldonado to establish this ministry. God gave him the evangelistic and teaching anointing first. These gifts matured through countless missionary trips in which he shared God’s Word with the lost. After nine years of traveling and preaching throughout the nations, God spoke to Dr. Guillermo Maldonado instructing him to build a church in Miami; this was a new challenge for him and his family. As this was taking place, God was also preparing Prophet Ana Maldonado to become a powerful woman of prayer—a general of intercession. He did this as she presented her husband and their son, Bryan, for the work of the ministry. At this time, the church was on the brink of being birthed in the spirit as well as their second son, Ronald, was about to be born. Both, the ministry and Ronald were born at the same time. Pastor Bryan Maldonado and Ronald have grown in the midst of spiritual warfare and the countless sacrifices required to build a ministry of this magnitude; both have been prepared to pay the price to serve God since birth.

Prayer prepared the land and the anointed preaching of God’s Word as the demonstrations of power won souls for Christ. In addition, deliverance became the weapon that saved countless people from being enslaved to sin. While these things took place, the pastors were enduring the process of being tested and equipped for what was to come…